Vacation Rentals Part 2

Always Ask Questions Before Renting A Vacation Home

Vacationers who wish to rent a vacation home as opposed to spending their vacation in a hotel should exercise a certain amount of caution in selecting a property to rent. Being cautious will not only enable the vacationer to ensure his rental property meets his expectations but will also help to avoid potentially dangerous situations. One way to avoid these potential problems is by asking a great deal of questions during the process.

Renting a vacation home through a rental agency is ideal for safety purposes. In these situations, the agency handles the entire rental giving the renter the security of knowing that they are not walking into a potentially dangerous situation. However, even in this situation, the renter should ask some important questions. These questions will be explained in the subsequent paragraphs.

How old is the property?

Potential renters should ask questions about the age of the property and whether or not appliances, plumbing, and electricity have been updated. This is important because this type of information can mean the difference between a comfortable stay in the property and dealing with problems related to the age of the home. Age of the home will also answer the question about the possibility of the presence of lead based paint, which is especially important if you have young children.

What is included in the rental?

While most rentals include the basic necessities, there are some rental agreements which only include the use of the house and furniture. Renters may be required to bring along bedding, towels, and even cookware. If you are cooking, think about condiments. I once stayed at a rental where every single spice in the kitchen expired at least 2 years before I visited. Bring your spices if you intend to cook. Do not make assumptions.

How often is the property rented and how is it maintained?

These two questions are inter-related because properties which are rented often see significantly more wear and tear than properties which are only rented a couple of times per year. Properties which are rented often should employ a maid service to clean the property thoroughly between each rental and possibly during longer rental periods.

What is the exact location of the property?

Asking this question will enable the vacationer to determine whether or not the property is ideally situated for the purposes of the vacation. For example, a vacationer on a ski trip would want to be situated close to the mountains while a vacationer more interested in a cultural vacation might be interested in a downtown location which will likely be closer to museums and other locations of interest. In other words, do your "homework" before you get on the road!

At Crown Realty Experts, we can assist you in owning a vacation rental. We assist with finding the properties and even making suggestions on ways to finance them, including possibly buying investment properties in your 401K or IRA. Contact us today for more information.