10 Steps to Getting Top Dollar for Your Home

When you decide to sell your home you should immediately begin referring to it as a house. Start detaching yourself by making some changes that will help you with the sale of the house.

1.  Unclutter your home. Start in the basement and either throw things out or rent a storage unit until you move. Prospective buyers need to see what the house looks like behind all your stuff. This means going room to room and clearing everything out that makes it look junkie and disorganized.

2.  Neutralize the personal nature of your home. Knick knacks and generally all things that youve previously enjoyed should be stored away and replaced with neutral items like picture frames or a vase with a simple arrangement.

3.  Minor cosmetic work. Painting where necessary, new carpet/s, moldings repaired, cracked plaster and re-taping/ repairing drywall. When making these improvements, think neutral colors for paint or carpets. If you have hardwood floors sand them and finish them.

4. Hire a professional cleaner. Once you have the house cleared you should hire a professional cleaning crew to wash the walls, windows, work over the kitchen and bathrooms, clean the floors and shampoo all carpets that dont need to be replaced. Your house should be spotless and kept this way for the duration that it is on the market.

5.  Staging each room. If your rooms are smaller, rearrange the furniture to make the room look bigger. Set your furniture up in conversation pit style. Remove wall clutter, one or two pictures but no more.

6.  Kitchen and bathrooms. These are the most important rooms in your home to a buyer. Plumbing fixtures should be working properly and look like new or they should be replaced. Kitchen cupboards and drawers should be orderly, doors opening and closing properly. I cant stress enough how important these two rooms are to your potential outcome.

7.  Doors and windows. First thing prospects see when they walk in your home is a door. Make sure its painted or cleaned up and that it will open and close properly. This goes for screen doors as well. Windows should all be cleaned and work properly.

8.  Garages and workshops. These are the second most important areas. Again remove all clutter from the garage and make it accessible so you can actually park your car in it! As for the workshop, try and organize it so the handy person prospect will appreciate what they can do with their new shop when they move in.

9.  Family effort. Everyone in your family needs to be on board with the presentation of the house. This means your kids need to buy into the project and keep their rooms tidy. Everyone has to help maintain the appearance of the entire house.

10.  Odors and pets. If you have pets, only you really love them. When you walk into a house with dogs or cats you immediately smell them, especially if you dont have your own. Keep litter boxes fresh and clean daily. Restrict your animals if at all possible to certain areas of the home until after the sale. Vinegar and water will do wonders when you clean their areas every other day until the sale is complete. Vacuum often with carpet fresh powders two or 3 times a week. An ozone air freshener comes in handy as well.

Try and remember that by following these tips you could easily add five to ten thousand dollars to the sale price of your home, maybe more. A little elbow grease now will be a solid investment. Just ask the professionals at Crown Realty Experts.