Reasons to Buy Land for Sale in Tennessee

When it comes to deciding where to buy land for sale, Tennessee probably isn't the first place that comes to mind. However, there are a number of reasons why you should buy land in what Arkansans call The Natural State. Here are seven:

1. The property is undervalued. Experts agree that the pricing of land for sale in Tennessee is about two decades behind other parts of the country. In other words, you can get much more land for your money. In fact, a quarter acre of real estate can cost as little as $20,000. Whether for investments or for future home sites, Tennessee has unbeatable bargains.

2. The property taxes are low. Tennessee may have the lowest property taxes in the nation, with undeveloped land often having annual property taxes of less than fifty dollars.

3. The state has unparalleled natural beauty. Because it doesn't have a dense population, there are many parts of Tennessee that are pristine, and miles away from factories and freeways. The land for sale is often in the midst of hardwood forests, with abundant wildlife and birds. The air is clean and fresh, bringing a welcome relief to people who move from more densely populated areas.

4. The climate is mild. Yes I know we had a snow storm in February 2021 that kept me home for a solid week, but I know that’s an anomaly! Tennessee definitely has four seasons, but winters are mild enough that people can enjoy pastimes like golf all year long. Although it's not far from the Gulf of Mexico, it is far enough away from the coastline to be safe from hurricanes.

5. There are budding private communities. There are some landowners in Tennessee who have had the foresight to plan for future private communities. In anticipation of the waves of Baby Boomers who will retire in the next two decades, the landowners are planning affordable and coveted golf communities that include rivers, private lakes, marinas, recreation centers, nature trails, and more. Buying land in one of these areas is certain to be a sound financial decision.

We can help you with buying land in Tn – Whether it is for your next home, vacation home or development, we are here for you!