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Moren has been in the real estate industry for the last 30 years. She started her real estate career as an office manager for a small property management firm in Nashville, TN, in 1987 after graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. She then managed apartments for the next four years followed by transitioning into real estate sales.

Since she started with an entry level position in the field and worked her way up, she knows the value of humility, hard work, mental curiosity, and mentorship. She also knows about every facet of the Middle Tennessee real-estate market.

In 1997, Moren started to work with investors who bought property for the purpose of resale, and this gave birth to her initial involvement in REO sales. Through the vast connections made, The Crown Group started to work for various banks and asset management companies.

It was 19 years later that Moren experienced a life changing event which ignited a passion in her and shifted the focus of her business.

In the Spring of 2015, she began feeling ill. Her symptoms progressively worsened, and as she consulted with various doctors, they could not give her a diagnosis.

In 2016, she was advised to make an appointment at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. As she researched this option, the cost for that was overwhelming and something that she felt she couldn’t spend thousands of dollars for. However, when no progress was made and her health was steadily declining, she decided that it was necessary to move forward no matter the financial cost.

When she was seen at the Cooper Clinic, she received her initial diagnosis and treatment. However, when the initial health issue was taken care of, the doctors discovered a secondary health issue. Moren was given the news that no one wants to hear. The doctors told Moren that she had cancer. There were decisions that had to be made.

She returned to Nashville and consulted with professionals to get a second opinion. As she researched options for treatment and care, once again she was faced with a choice to make. The best care in her situation would be from a facility in Atlanta, but it came with a higher financial cost and complicated logistics of trying to do the surgery and treatment. This led to Moren deciding to pursue her medical care locally in Nashville.

Again Moren was advised to go where she knew she would receive the best care. So she made the decision to get her surgery and treatment in Atlanta, regardless of the cost. Surgery was successful, and Moren is cancer free.

Through that experience, one of the biggest lessons that she learned was that it is good to be in a strong financial position so that needs can be met without stress and anxiety. This gave Moren a new purpose for her business.

Through her company, The Crown Group, Moren is now on a mission to equip people with the knowledge and skills to be able to invest and create wealth so that they can live, give, and build a legacy for future generations.

The Crown Group has a mission to equip her clients with the knowledge and skills to create their own real-estate legacy and show them how to build a future for themselves that they may have never imagined was possible.

As Owner & Managing Broker of The Crown Group, Moren is fortunate that she gets to live out her passions every day. For her, this pursuit revolves around service and real estate.

She has worked tirelessly to pursue excellence in the field of real estate sales & management, while putting service of clients and her faith at the forefront of life. This dual focus has allowed her to build herself into one of the most respected, successful and fulfilled real-estate executives in the Mid-South.

She has a thirst for knowledge and has made it her business to obtain several of the highest distinctions including:

  • Certified Property Manager (CPM)
  • Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM)
  • Certified Relocation Specialist
  • Managing Broker and owner of Crown Realty Experts
  • Member, National Association of Real Estate Brokers
  • Member, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals
  • Approved Real Estate Instructor – State of Tennessee

In addition, she has been fortunate enough to win multiple awards over the duration of her career including:

  • Top-producing Realtor, Multi-million dollar producer
  • Recipient – Greater Nashville Association of Realtors Award of Excellence
  • Recipient of the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors Education Award

This has earned her the nickname of “The Real Estate Investment Queen.”

She takes her responsibilities & obligations to her clients very seriously, which is why she has crafted the business principles of The Crown Group to align with Christian values. For her, the Christian faith is more than just a religion, it is her passion and her source of energy & joy.

Whether it is helping banks and asset management companies land prime commercial real estate locations or completing short sales and time-sensitive dispositions, she would love the opportunity to use her energy, extensive knowledge, and vast experience to serve you.


A commitment to the needs of clients is paramount to the success of any good real estate professional.

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